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Netflix has a large number of TV shows and movies you can enjoy at your own pace, this is exactly why people want to get free Netflix subscription codes. Kiwipoints is a clean and easy to use site that allows you to get a free Netflix subscription in exchange for a tiny bit of your time.

Netflix is amazing, there is a large variety of content on there, from documentaries to standup comedy, and from dramatic movies to thrillers, there is something for everyone. Kiwipoints recognizes that and offers users a chance to enjoy unlimited content without having to pay anything. Of course, this is not completely free as you’ll have to do minor tasks in order to cash out but you won’t have to pay anything from your own wallet.

Kiwipoints may seem a bit suspicious to you and it is only natural that you feel that way because you’ve been scammed by so many other websites that claim to do the same. Thankfully, Kiwipoints is a straightforward website that lays out all your options right in front of you and doesn’t try to deceive you at all. All you need to do is complete simple tasks and you are ready to cash out your brand-new Netflix absorption codes.

What Is a Netflix Subscription?

Netflix is a website that hosts thousands upon thousands of TV shows and movies. You pay a monthly subscription fee to access them and that’s about it. However, not a lot of people are willing to spend their own money to obtain a Netflix subscription and this is exactly where Kiwipoints comes into play.

How Does Kiwipoints Work?

Kiwipoints is super simple to use. You do simple tasks, earn points, and then redeem them for a free Netflix subscription. This is all that Kiwipoints does and it does so in remarkable efficiency.

The first step you need to take is to head over to the website and register an account. This will allow you to access offers and tasks that you need to perform in order to gain points. A point to be noted here is that you will have to have an active email account so that your Kiwipoints account can be verified and registered. After you’ve logged in, simply head over to the offers section and select the task you want to do.

What Kind of Tasks Are There?

There are a lot of tasks or offers you can complete in order to gain points on Kiwipoints. Most of them are simple and take a few moments to complete. For example, you can take part in an online survey or play a videogame on your smartphone to gain points. Sometimes, you’ll just have to watch some ads to gain points and that’s about it. The best thing about the tasks on Kiwipoints is that you can easily complete them whenever you want.

One major point you need to note is that if you invite your friends on the website, you can get 5% of the points they earn. That is a great incentive to invite everyone on the website.

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